Protesters Plagued G8 Nations Summit 2013

THE 39TH G8 SUMMIT for 2013 was held at the Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland on June 17 -18. Amid heavy protesters, it is concluded that not much was achieved during the G8 nation’s summit.
The prime minister, David Cameron had big plans for a significant breakthrough in tax evasion and he does deserve credit for putting it on the agenda. A modest achievement was to get the UK’s overseas territories and crown dependencies in signing up in setting up international principles on the exchanges of information.
Not much progress was made however with a weak G8 action plan. There was a plan set in motion to allow poor countries to be a part of the G8 deal on automatic exchange of tax information, but that is also just a plan, which remains to be seen if it will be acted on.
Protesters around the globe denounce the G8 nations as wealthy international elites that do not serve, but exploit the members of its own nations as well as the inhabitants of the poor countries.
The g8 ministers is fundamentally a group of ministers dedicated in laying groundwork in diplomatic progress on all issues important to its member countries and representing non-member nations and inhabitants of the poorest countries in the world.
Its agenda should have focused on providing aid to the emerging nations, NSA surveillance scandal and breaking down of barriers in allowing the G8 nations to export more goods dominated the summit. The aiding of emerging nation’s development which most feel should have dominated the summit did not.
Many feel that the protesters has a point and that the negative feelings towards the g8 nations summit and its ministers has valid reasons as it seems that it remains discussions and plans of action from the G8 nations that never becomes a reality.