Catholic Bishops Address the G8 Leaders

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops conferenced in a letter addressed to the Leaders of the G8 before the next meeting of the heads of the nations. The G8 nations will hold their next meeting in June 2013 in The United Kingdom and thus the letter to the G8 ministers to look and address the issues that they feel should get the attention of the G8 nations.
The letter from the President of the Catholic Bishops urges for the assistance of developing countries and protection of the poor. The bishops further urges the G8 nation’s ministers to focus on nutrition and agriculture as to many people in the world still go to bed hungry at night and food production and food distribution must be seriously addressed.
The feeling of the world and the Catholic Church are that if agriculture is seriously addresses by the G8 ministers the African countries will seriously benefit. Special attention must also be given to tax evasion, transparency and trade issues. Transparency is according to the Bishop’s critical as government will then be able to be held accountable.
The reasoning that the world as a whole is only as healthy as the weakest members of the world makes sense in all regards. The coalition of bishops who signed the letter to the G8 nation ministers includes the following presidents of Catholic Churches: Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and the Conferences of the European Community.
The meeting of the G8 nations will be held in 2013 in Lough Erne in Northern Ireland for two days. The United Kingdom is the Presidency country for the G8 nations for the year 2013 as the countries belonging to the G8 all take a turn to host the G8 Summit and to be the President of the G8 for each year.